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Mount Emei AR
An AR Collaborative Games

The 5th AR/VR/MR Competition

- Special Unit Award🏆


Unity | C#



Main Creators:

Baihui Chen

Suyan Wang

Tianqi Xie

Tianlu Zhang



This is the most authoritative AR/VR/MR competition in China, with 180+ teams participating. The background is in the epidemic and everyone is isolated at home, we wanted to provide a physical and augmented reality form of interactive gaming at home, The idea comes from a traditional Chinese game of direction finding and the desire to unlock a new landscape through random play.

My role:

A key member of this project and involved in the entire process of completion.

Game Planners

one of the main planners of the game, brainstorming, information architecture, and interaction design.


Responsible for some of the illustrations

Prototype development

Development and testing of the Unity AR module


We have extracted six attractions from Meishan as the elements of the design, and through the traditional solid origami form, we have completed the experience of augmented reality scenes of the elements of the entire route.


Mount Emei is located near 30°N, in the southwest of Sichuan Province, on the southwestern edge of the Sichuan Basin, and is one of the "Four Great Buddhist Mountains" in China. The highest on the mountain, the summit of the Ten Thousand Buddhas, is 3099 meters above sea level, and more than 2700 meters above the Emei plain.

Religious culture, especially Buddhist culture, forms the bulk of the history and culture of Mount Emei, with all the buildings, statues, and pujas, as well as rituals, music, and paintings, displaying the richness of religious culture.



This game requires two friends to play together. One friend starts by speaking a random mantra for the game. The other friend swings the solid origami paper according to the command. A random stay eventually appears.

Open the origami to correspond to the location of the attraction in the map. And the AR game is recognized using the phone's rear camera. A drawn landscape pattern will be presented on the screen.



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