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​Hey there!

This is Baihui Chen. I am a research assistant at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). I received my Master's degree from the Communication University of China in 2022.

I focus on the fields of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Accessibility. Specifically, I apply user-centered design, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, and tangible interaction. I am interested in the opportunities brought by new technologies!

My previous research experience:

1) Remote Computer Supported Cooperative Work,

2) Aging and Accessibility challenges,

3) Novel VR/AR and Sensing Techniques.


The Communication University of China

2019 - 2022

Digital Media Art and Artistic Design

Wuhan Textile University

2014 - 2018

Digital Media Art and Artistic Design

Work Experience

Work Experience

[ Noc.2022 ] - [ Currently ]

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

Research Assitant


Shenzhen, China

[ Feb.2022 ] - [ Oct.2022 ]

The Future Lab, Tsinghua University

Research Intern


Beijing, China

Research Intern in Research Center for Aging User Experience and Service System Design, Future Laboratory, Tsinghua University (AeX).

  • Responsible for aging user experience research, literature collection and research, experimental design, and partial technical development.

  • Continuously updating...!

[ May.2021 ] - [ Dec.2021 ]

Bai Du, China

Product Intern


Beijing, China

Responsible for AI visual search in Multi-search of Baidu. Baidu search engine is the top search engine in China, it has more than 70 million users.

  • Analysis of user data to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of intelligent search results for AI image recognition based visual search business.

[ Sep.2019 ] - [ Jun.2022 ]

Intelligent Media Lab, Communication University of China

Research Intern


Beijing, China

Research Experience

[ Mar.2022 ] - [ Current ]

A Research on Social Mediator Robot for Enhancing Remote Communication

User Research


Experimental design

Affiliation: Future Lab, Tsinghua University

Based on the embodied expression design of the mediator robot, explore the application scenarios of robot body movements as emojis for instant communication.

  • Assisted in the construction of robot platform, experimental design, and the design of robot action sequences (An article being written collaboratively).

  • A pilot study on the user experience of social mediator robots to evaluate user acceptance and recognition of this form of social media.

[ Jan.2021 ] - [ Apr.2021 ]

A Research on AI Innovation in Primary and Secondary Schools

User Research


Function Design

Affiliation: The Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Communication University of China

For the purpose of educating primary and secondary students to master AI, we explored the application of STEAM education concept, to innovate the AI learning model ("thinking + design + experience") to inspire students’ intrinsic motivation to learn AI.

  • User research was conducted by planning quantitative and qualitative analysis.Quantitative data was analyzed by using SPSS to find any correlation.Qualitative data was organized by using an affinity diagram to find the pattern.

  • Quantitative data was analyzed by using SPSS to find any correlation.

[ Sep.2020 ] - [ Sep.2021 ]

Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Graph Data Visualisation Project

User Research


Interaction Design

Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences and Communication University of China

The goal of the project is to help users better understand data by portraying it with AI machine learning.

  • Created design prototypes and a structured expression of knowledge to assist users in presenting data results, making data information more accessible to readers.

  • Discovered patterns behind data based on vertical cascading of AI knowledge to facilitate intelligent services.

[ Jan.2021 ] - [ Jun.2022 ]

Embodied and Multimodal Interaction to Support Preschool Children's Musical Understanding Research

User Research


UX Designer



Affiliation: Intelligent Media Lab, Communication University of China

The experiment was designed by embodied interaction, which focuses on a group of preschool children and aims to explore the relationship between children's behavior and cognition.

  • This research includes body tracking and gesture recognition, as well as mapping based on three-dimensional space to two-dimensional images.

  • Interaction of animated design spaces through Kinect and Unity, using Ableton to complete the technology of children's bodies changing in real-time with music.

Research Experience


Design & Development Skills

Adobe Creative Suite

Cinema 4D










Quantitative & Qualitative Skills


Questionnaire Design

​Cite Space

A/B Tests


Usability Tests

Case Study

R language is learning


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wechat: chen-bh1024

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