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[ 2024 ]

Patbot: Designing a Social Robot to Reduce Anxiety in Waiting Environments

Zhilei Kong, Maria Luce Lupetti, Baihui Chen, Xueliang Li*.

IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication(RO-MAN 2024)

[ Accepted ]

Baihui Chen and Xueliang Li*

In Proceedings of CHI 2024.

[ 2023 ]

A scientometric analysis of research on people with visual impairments in the field of HCI design: mapping the intellectual structure and evolution

Lusha Huang* and Baihui Chen

Universal Access in the Information Society (SCIE)

Exploring multimodal technologies to engage elderly people in remote communication with their family

Baihui Chen and Xueliang Li*

The 10th Congress of the International Association of Societies of Design Research (2023 IASDR)

[ 2022 ]

A Systematic Review of Multimodal Interaction in Artificial Intelligent System Supporting Children to Learn Music

Baihui Chen and Lusha Huang*

The 24th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction ( HCII 2022 )

[ 2021 ]

Research on the Experience of Interactive Art From the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics

Baihui Chen

The 6th International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education ( ICADCE 2020 )

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