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Innovative Service Design

A practical project to improve the user experience in the traditional pet industry through digital service design.

Project Results:

The 12th International User Experience Competition - National Second Prize

Main Creators:

The Bikini Beach Team




The target group is the post-80s and post-90s, who drive demand in the pet market and place higher orders on aesthetics, quality, professionalism, and user experience. This project aims to help companies optimize and improve the user experience through multi-faceted service design innovation.

​Project results:

1. 40+ pages of information architecture, UI interface, and interaction flow for online interaction design projects.
2. 80+ pages of user research documentation, complete innovative service system design, and offline delivery interaction devices.

My role:

A key member of this project and involved in the entire process of completion, primarily responsible for the design and development of the online app.

User research

Interaction design

User analysis, market research, and design methods.

Brainstorming, information architecture, and interaction design.

Prototype development

Mainly used sketch, Xcode development tools


design progress.png


Market background research

With China's marriage and birth rates falling and an aging society, people of all ages need companionship, and pet ownership has become an increasingly popular way of life for the nation. The number of pet-owning households in China is 9,978, with a year-on-year growth rate of 43.9% in five years, making pets a critical emotional companion in modern life. In recent years, pet consumption has continued to rise, and the pet-related industries have continued to develop in segments, covering the entire chain of services from the sale of live pets to their old age, illness, and death, with the whole pet industry improving.



Guiding the TA: understanding, eliminating worries, and generating impulsive spending
Helping TA: relieving impulsive pet anxiety and providing a professional pet guidance system
Serving TA: From pet owners to followers of the brand's characteristics, enhancing user stickiness
Accompanying TA: Using the fashionable pet life service model to provide this type of user with quality pet ownership options to improve the quality of life and happiness is the ultimate goal


User Experience Assessment

The core concept of this service design optimization is to grow together with customers and pets for innovative experience, professional service, and caring guardianship.





Define user requirements & Integrate online functions

1. Use of card format to highlight hierarchical relationships.
2. Narrowing down the home page promotional image to highlight key features.
3. Analyze user needs, integrate and divide functions
Adding real-time dynamics to optimize offline waiting anxiety.


Window Optimisation - Caring for Pets


The offline shop pet display area encounters the phenomenon of users who are tapped, essentially wanting to gain interaction with their pets, but actually causing harm to them. Here an interactive ball is designed that can be pulled by a string to interact with the pet in the pod.

You can also scan the 2D code in the window to get the information you want without consulting a shop assistant.

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